Relic – a Menhir from Filitosa

I just love WordPress challenges – just when I think I have nothing to show there I find something to fit the challenge in course😉

My regular blogger friends have already witnessed my fascination with beautiful Corsica, but I haven’t shared anything from the most famous Corsican Neolithic site yet – Filitosa.



This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

57 thoughts on “Relic – a Menhir from Filitosa

  1. Love the music and the lovely image, Paula. The music sound familiar, yet I’m not able to identify it, please help me.:-)
    Klem from Norge

    • I will have to see, but I think not. The light was wrong at the time of the visit. Anyway, I am too busy slaving now.

  2. And a totally brilliant one it is, Paula ! – not too many of us have photos like that to prove the wonders of what we’ve seen …

  3. Nice capture, Paula, for the challenge:)

    I do share your view on this WPC, and it really helped me to come up with meaningful images.

    In fact, a few times, after searching the whole archives without success, I drove away and took shots for the theme:)

    Have a nice weekend:)

  4. Very intriguing menhir. I studied European prehistory at university, but somehow we managed to completely overlook Corsica. I have not seen anything like this figure before. You’ve pricked my curiosity to find out more. Striking photo too.

    • Thank you, Tish. I don’t know why in general Corsica gets overlooked – it has been a long dream of mine to visit it and it was all that and better. I enclosed a link to the site in the text. I appreciate your interest and time:)

  5. I really enjoy how you manage to pair up your posts with exactly the right music, Paula. For me your photos are always beautiful discoveries (yes, will repeat myself – AND lovely surprises) as well as is your choice of music.
    The mysteriousness and “smooth rawness” creates a really nice mood together with the sunlit background.

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