Black & White Sunday: Fun Time

Well, almost black and white ;)


hopping b&w-1_border

You can grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your black and white photos regardless of the theme.


If you prefer to play cards today, and are more free spirited you might like to check out Cardinal’s Greek Sexy Sunday.

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56 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Fun Time

    • Good :) I will surprise you once more next Thursday (a big one) and then I will be off for two weeks. Then, I will make up for my absence in the earlier weeks to all my blogger friends. (will be present on your blogs more often).. and thank you, Ese. Warm hugs, P.

    • Thank you, Lorik. I’m not sure what you refer to, but I enclosed a list of a few related posts bellow the widget.

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