Thursday’s Special: The Spirit of Wisdom

In the language of alchemists, calcination is the destruction of ego and our attachments to material possessions. It is usually a natural humbling process as we are gradually assaulted and overcome by the trials and tribulations of life, though it can be a deliberate surrender of our inherent hubris gained through a variety of spiritual disciplines that ignite the fire of introspection and self-evaluation.



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NOTE: As you can see I am burned out and in need of a holiday. See you again on the 3rd of August with a new Black & White Sunday.


This Thursday is really special. I am happy to see inspiring entries by my blogger friends: Don’t miss them:

69 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: The Spirit of Wisdom

  1. That’s a terrific study, Paula …Has anyone told you (prior to moi !) that you have a historical kind of face ? – it’s not a MODERN face, but one from … oh, about 80 years ago. You look as if you’ve stepped out of the ’40s …THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE RUDE ! It’s just a kind of wonderment. :-)

    • That is a huge compliment dear M-R, and yes I have heard it before (quite a few times), so you must be right😀. I wish I could be here more often and longer, but I will make up for these scarce appareances and activity on your blog when I come back. Keep well, and create. See you soon!

  2. What a great post to leave in the meantime:) A striking photo, and music that really is different. What thought provoking words too.

    • You do not, Emilio ! – you will presume at the drop of a hat ! [grin] Did I miss a post from you today …?

    • You guys are great:) and it is fun to see you getting along so well. I appreciate your compliment a lot, Emilio. See you soon:)

  3. What a beautiful image to leave us with! Am I right in remembering you’re holidaying partly in Poland? If so, we’ll be in the same country again. Enjoy your break and return replenished – I’ll miss your postsq.q

    • God willing, and weather permitting I will be in the same country as you for a couple of mountain/castle trips:). Enjoy what’s left of your visit, dear Meg. I am already looking forward to a more peaceful time when I come back and will have more time and energy to hang out here. xx

  4. Ciao, bella Paula in un alone di luce , questa volta!
    Stupenda foto da lasciarci , prima delle vacanze…
    Ti auguro che siano belle e “risolutive”, ossia che ti diano serenità ,distensione e allegria , cosi che al ritorno ci sia una nuova Paula , trasformata e felice!

    • :) I’ve used two photos, a portrait of me and my photo of lit matches to blend two images together in photoshop:). I am happy you like it. Maybe they don’t mix, but can admire one another😀 Now, I am eager to see your water…

  5. Stunning indeed, Paula, that’s a great shot. Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing holiday with plenty of time to refill your batteries!
    Stor klem, Dina❤

    • :) Jo has a power of persuasion😀. I’m grateful for your nice visit and wishes, Gallivanta. Best, Paula

  6. Paula, that is a very special portrait, I hope you have it framed.
    Enjoy your break away and look forward to your return, replenished.

    • Thank you for the suggestion, Barbara. I might do just that:) I will talk to you soon. In the meantime keep well. Sending hugs

    • How nice of you! I am happy to see you resting and relaxing and yet so active. Will catch up with the rest of your posts in August. See you later😉

  7. Doesnt look burned out to me, but you still deserve a great holiday!
    Love the music, by the way, very dramatic and bombastic.
    Enjoy, Ron

    • We are not always synchronised considering our holidays and time zones, and yet we still manage to communicate😀 I look forward to catching up with you after my holiday. I hope yours served its purpose. See you soon Draco…

  8. First apologies for the error above. I am on a terrible Internet connection. Love the effect of the photo. Wishing you a restful recovery and looking forward to reading more on your return.

  9. Have a great holiday Paula, I hope you have a great break from it all. Btw, congrats on making it to Otto’s final list of the best photography blogs. All the best in your upcoming travels.

    • Congratulations to you Mark:) (I was happy to see at least one of my favourite blogs “make” it😉. Are you taking a holiday soon? I know you could use it. Best, P.

  10. I think singer Jane Sidberry took that path years ago when she sold and gave away practically everything she owned, changed her name and went travelling around the world. She began performing music under her new identity.

    • :) I haven’t listened to her music…will check her out after my holidays. See you in a couple of weeks Allan. Self-evaluation and introspection occurs to me every couple of years:)

  11. Ah that’s a beautiful piece of processing Paula! Hope you are feeling cool and rejuvenated already:-)

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