Thursday’s Special: Siesta

Wake not a sleeping lion…


sleeping lion

If you would like to participate in Thursday’s Special themeless (non)challenge, feel free to grab my Jupiter widget bellow and provide a link to this post in your post especially designed for this occasion. More details here.Β 


Fabulous entries for Thursday’s Special:


75 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Siesta

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    • Thank you so much Jo. I know how busy you are right now πŸ™‚ This sleeping giant is a local resident. I still did not have time to sort holiday photos πŸ˜‰


  2. That is just so … GORGEOUS !!! No-one with a heart or a thinking mind could disagree. The big cats are the most beautiful creatures on this earth, imnsho.

    Now THAT’s a version … πŸ˜€


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  4. I’d love a siesta right now! Extremely hectic days at work!! Wonderful photo Paula.
    It’s not necessary, because the colors in this shot looks very good, but have you thought about converting it into B&W? It might work well if you add some contrast and mid-tones.


    • This is so cool Debbie. You have made the right choice. Going sleepless seems too much of a sacrifice for me, but Venice is worth it πŸ™‚ Thank you for your beauty-full entry!


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    You don’t have a ‘Page’ for this non-challenge, Paula – as you do for Sundays. This makes it impossible for me to put a generic link behind the icon in my sidebar !! – and everyone should think of MY requirement first !!! [grin]


    • Oh dear M-R. I don’t have a “Page” for any of these two. Thursday’s Special is listed as a category, “Black & White Sunday” is not even a category. I should see what I can do. Will the new changes on WordPress permit me to do it?


      • Do what suits YOU, Paula – ignore me.
        I have a dreadful tendency to want everyone to set up stuff that’s familiar to me.
        [M-R smacks her own hand]


        • No, I really want to do it. Now I have Thursday’s Special as a category and a Page. One will have to go. This “Page” thing is really weird. Isn’t it supposed to feature all posts for Thursday’s Special. I think so, but it is not. I feel so dump, and haven’t waken up yet.


            • πŸ˜† Very well, but I want your opinion. If you look at my menu, you will see different categories (some needs updating though). There, there is Thursday’s Special listed as a category – isn’t that enough for a challenge. Black and White Sunday is not mentioned on the menu except as a sub-item under Photography Page and there it is just Black & White showcasing all black and white posts, not only the Sunday ones. I really don’t know how to make these challenges into a separate page to make sense.


              • Tell you what. Give me a few hours, during which I MUST try to get through some of the posts from others, and I’ll look at your site in detail, eh ?
                And don’t forget that I have admitted to’ve posted my whinge the wrong way ’round: meaning that it is the B&WSun that’s missing, not the ThursSpec.
                Can you walk away for a while…?


    • For when you come back- so far I know that the complaint was about B&W Sunday – with half of my morning coffee dose absorbed I have now made it a separate category visible on my menu, and the widget assigned to it also links to all the posts in it. They are not pages, but I hope they will work for you. If you have more problems (of any kind), please shout, even if it means waking me up πŸ˜€

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