This sluggish camper hitched a ride on our car in Slovakian Tatras.





This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture



82 thoughts on “Texture

  1. What an absolutely wonderful image of a snail, especially his / her living parts. I can’t listen to the music – I’m in a pub eating sweet pancakes for dinner – but I need to comment now, before life overtakes me again.


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  3. That’s very WOW !, Paula – one tends not to think of a snail’s having texture ! And yet it most certainly does … As well, I love it on the bonnet of the car: it points up the comparison like few situations could.
    Well done you !! 🙂


    • 😆 I wish 🙂 That lovely red is almost 11 years old. Experts say snail liquid is miraculous for the skin, so it must be good for a car too 😉


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  5. This is a lovely texture shot Paula. Great reflection and red color in it too. It definitely fits better to the theme than what my photo did in this challenge (I just quickly posted a photo when I was on my way out for the weekend. I’d saved it as a draft a long time ago and it was the only draft I had that could vaguely fit the theme 😀 )
    Snails are kind of disgusting, but your photo of this snail makes it look like a piece of art.


  6. Snails always fascinate me. I sometimes pick it up and observe them. I wish to just be able to talk to them so they could let me know where exactly they want to be so they don’t end up in random, dangerous places.


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