This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

55 thoughts on “Silhouette

    • Thanks Max. I don’t like this photo that much. I hate the top that is cut, and the smog in the air, and then there are spots cause of dust particles on my camera sensor that I could not clone out. I posted it as I really like that church (almost impossible to photograph it cause of the narrow street and cars that line it), and I feel confident to post some lesser work 😀 – it builds character 😀


      • It’s a shame that the top is cut, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to get the shot. It’s not a huge cut, so it’s not bothering me as a viewer. I didn’t notice the dust particles before you mentioned them and I started looking, so that’s nothing to worry about 🙂 This photo is not “lesser work” at all and it fits perfectly to the theme on the weekly photo challenge.


      • Lesser work? Give me a break! You are one of those who are just too hard on themselves- but then I am starting to become that way, too! I didn’t even notice the cut off spire or the dust spots- though I guarantee if this had been my image I would have noticed them right away and then, like you, would have had to make a decision whether to post or not. But sometimes you have to call on that inner character of yours and post the image with all it’s offending faults because the sum is worth it. And this is definitely worth it!


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  2. And a ripper it is, Paula of the ageless face … I have just realized that your putting those ‘non-challenge’ icons in your sidebar is the sensible way to go; and as I’m about to post to one, I shall begin by doing the same ! 🙂


  3. “Simple” and beautiful – like our norwegian friend so I didn’t notice the “missing” top before I read your text – what do this tell us, probably that norwegian and danish men don’t start at the top when they want a look… 😀 😀 😀


  4. What I love about this is that, although it shows man-made structures, they are nevertheless organic in shape – that is the the outlines have that same symmetry-with-freedom, that you might get in an individual leaf.


  5. good reminder above – nice photo, glad I visited…after taking the shot I used, I almost, almost, stopped to take a shot of a church spire, but didn’t. Yours turned out much better. Have a wonderful week.


  6. Love the golden tones in this Paula! I shouldn’t worry at all about the top, I get the impression the spire goes on forever. Can’t see any dust particles but then I have a grotty screen at the moment.


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