Black & White Sunday: Bridge

Is there anybody out there? 

tower bridge night_b&w

You can grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your black and white photos regardless of the theme.


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56 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Bridge

  1. Now that I’m back home, I may begin seeing what I can do with black and white, although your spectacular images make that a daunting thought. This one does indeed have a mysterious edge that takes it beyond mere reality, the reflections especially, for reasons I can’t pinpoint.

    (Given your repudiation of “likes”, you might be interested in this article my owl-loving daughter featured on her facebook page

    View at


    • Hello Meg. I had a look though I don’t have a fb account. Happy to see there are more people that think alike :). I appreciate your compliment a lot. Feel free to take part whenever you feel comfortable, no pressure, no judgement. I am happy to have you here.


  2. I’m out here. And normally I’d join in but already scheduled a post for Sunday. I love this shot, though, the play of shadow and light, the clarity, the smoothness of the water, the crisp, clean lines!


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  6. Oh, wow! That’s a stunning image, Paula!
    From one great city to another 🙂 And great scene setting music!
    I have tons of bridges but my B & W’s are not so hot (and it’s not Sunday) 🙂


  7. I totally missed-out on this one Paula. Again, very nice composition. I especially liked the angle you shot this from. It really helps communicate the largeness and grandeur of the subject. Have agree with Madhu, there’s something special about the colour version — I think it is that shade of blue.


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