Thursday’s Special: Enchanted


devin caslte_maiden tower

This is a castle called Hrad Devin near Bratislava, Slovakia. I will show you more of it in one of my forthcoming posts. The speckles in the image are not the sensor dust, but many insects that saturated the air by the Danube. As a matter of fact, the day I visited Devin will be remembered as the day I first swallowed a live fly.

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58 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Enchanted

  1. Not only do I like the image Paula but the fact that the sky was thick with insects is fascinating. I will confess that as a cyclist insect swallowing does happen from time to time. I’ve also had a bee get inside my helmet. I think I’ll take the insect swallowing. 🙂


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    • You do extremely well under pressure 😀 It must be cause of all your experience of movie sets? Well done and a big thank you for your offering, Margaret-Rose 🙂


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  6. Ugh! I’ve done that. It’s gross! (fly swallowing) 😦
    Wonderfully atmospheric music to fit your photo, Paula. Hope the week has calmed down a little for you.
    I think my Thursday post might have gone with your Enchanted theme this week but I was too impatient to wait and find out what the theme was. I love it! 🙂


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  8. Such an enchanting place Paula. What a beautiful shot! Don’t feel bad. Here we have nuisance flies or ‘muggies’ as well call them and in the summer they are all over. Like hubby said the time I swallowed one : ‘Don’t fret. You just had a bit of meat with breakfast.’ I didn’t think he was funny but he cracked himself. LOL!


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