Fray – Weekly Photo Challenge



This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

66 thoughts on “Fray – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I’m curious to know the contents of the WordPress post 🙂 I often start at the wrong end of this challenge and tonight is no exception. My husband isn’t the one for the ragged jeans but I’m sad to say that I am. Maybe I should go with that?
    Meantime I like your image and the fact that it is not your nerves that are fraying. 🙂 Have a happy weekend, Paula.


  2. This photo offers so many parts: the delicate matting of the calyx; the maroon of the centre of the filaments; the airy hairs surrounding the maroon.

    I hope you feel relaxed rather than frayed! I’m enjoying your images and sound more and more now I’m enjoying solitude and my own company. They give me a brief moment of focus and meditation as I try to slow down into pleasure at being in my beautiful part of the world. They also challenge my vocabulary as I try to appreciate with more than a “like”!


  3. Is this considered macro? I like seeing all the frayed hairs of what I’m assuming to be a seed pod. But I’m probably wrong!


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