Thursday’s Special: Negative Space aka the Bleak Beak

In photography, negative space denotes the area between and around objects in a photo. With the clever use of negative space you may place more emphasis on the subject of your photo and evoke emotions effectively. In this photo I believe that the unconventional framing of the swan suggests impending danger for some unsuspecting prey, hopefully a fly or a mosquito.


bleak beak

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45 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Negative Space aka the Bleak Beak

  1. Hola Paula Not sure I understood the notion of negative space. πŸ™‚ (Or is everything around me negative?)
    Bon cadrage de toute façon!
    A +


  2. Thank you for demonstrating negative space so beautifully. The composition and consequent focus on the beak is wonderful. (You really have an aversion to flies. I thought that was an Australian state of mind! May the swan eradicate them for you.)

    I think I might have encountered negative space yesterday at an artists’ group I gate crashed as a writer: one of the artists worked with a fountain pen and archival black ink to fill an A5 page with intricate patterning. In the top left hand corner there was a lizard-insect creature, whose tail was part of the intricacy and whose head emerged into a patch of white space, bordered by a bit more pen work. Tell me: does this qualify?

    I’m being idle (I should be preparing my deck garden for a weekend planting) so I also googled and found this collection which is worth a look


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