Thursday’s Special: By Night

As the night falls and the hazy daylight gives way to dusky skies, human figures become less conspicuous. That’s when I rush into streets resolved to carry out my plan…



Bratislava by night

Bratislava by night

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72 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: By Night

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  5. What caught my attention, apart from the totally different palette of the night, was the sharpness of the star effect around the lights on the bridge, in the top right hand corner. Again an inspiration. I’ve done very little night photography, partly because I live in a pretty lightless village, partly because I fall into bed disgustingly early, and partly because I don’t know how! Thank you again: I’ll seek out opportunities – I have just thought of a few possibilities.


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  7. What a beautiful photograph Paula! I have turned my email alerts off to catch up with people just like you! Proof I made the right choice!


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