Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

This Friday our Weekly Photo Challenge hostess Krista is asking us to “Show what endurance means to you. Is it that high-school diploma, beads of sweat earned on a long run, a treasured family heirloom, or something else entirely?”

Here is my take on the theme…. with appropriate score.




Why don’t you grab the widget that Cardinal Guzman created specifically for this challenge. It is not the WPC official widget, but it is far more original and pleasing to the eye.



62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

  1. Jiminy Crickets goes on vacation with his lady and gets stalked by paparazzi? His lawyer is going to send you a cease and desist ’cause I’m sure he doesn’t want that sex tape out there. Could be a good thing for his struggling career, makes him hipper, younger, more relevant. He’s been type cast for too long.


  2. This post cracked me up, Paula you have a great eye for interesting moments! I couldn’t think of anything after Krista’s prompt either and had to wait until the end of the day for a new way to go with this one.


  3. hahahahha! Oh, if there were to be winners for this challenge, you’d win first prize Paula. Awesome and amazing shot hon! Love it and thanks for the laugh. πŸ˜€ β™₯ Hugs β™₯


  4. Did you stalk those two unfortunate insects, you MONSTER ? – or had they been at it so long that you finally sighed, went and got your camera and shot ’em ? [grin] GREAT photo: pin sharp, marvellous colour rego. Goodonyer !!!


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