Nighttime in Bratislava


ufo tower_


This is my entry for weekly photo challenge: Nighttime.


54 thoughts on “Nighttime in Bratislava

  1. Absolutely stunning shot Paula. It’s so beautiful there and you’ve captured all of it. I see you are not feeling well hon. Don’t talk about ‘old age’ … you’re still a spring chicken darling! I do hope you feel better real soon hon. ♥ Big Hugs ♥


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    • You’ve recognised them!! Thank you so much, Mark. I am off to Tuscany on Wednesday, and will be back by 12th of October. It will be the time for me to get acquainted with my new camera canon eos 70D, since 60D died on me suddenly while still a baby. Thank you for the compliment. It always means a lot. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon 🙂


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    • That’s good to hear, as I value your opinion Ron :), I hope I will be able to enjoy muddy and wet Tuscany. The weather forecast does not look very good. At least there will be mushrooms to photograph – I am good with those 😀


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