Black & White Sunday: Within


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Black & White Sunday: Within

 Newly Weds


Black & White Sunday: Within 

Graffiti 4040



70 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Within

    • Hi M-R. I have missed you. You are going to hate me, but it did not meet my expectations and I am usually very fond of Italy. Maybe the fact that my health went all wrong before and during the trip had something to do with it and a couple of accidents I had on the road, but I am alive and at home now. Some brainless maniac is drilling holes in the wall above my ceiling and it is only 8:30 am 😦


      • Oh, you too ? – you poor thing. I have a family above me who does … very odd things, including drilling at all hours. But this building’s walls are made of masonry that transfers sound like it was being piped through !
        Yes: your health simply has to be good, or you won’t enjoy a holiday, Paula – no doubt about it.
        As for “a couple of accidents” … no words !


        • Thank you, M-R. I kind of hope that it will sort itself out on its own without having to see any doctors. I hurt my index finger on my trip (don’t know how – it is still painful when I use it – type with it), and the day before last I fell in a thorn bush – I look as if I had been sleeping with wild cats, but am pretty much in one piece – no scratches on face either – just arms, hands, legs, back and behind. Come to think of it, I was really lucky when I took a blind step backwards into a 2,5 meter deep blackberry bush. I think hubby did more harm while trying to pull me out from there (a total disgrace – would have made a hilarious scene for some comedy). I am totally pooped now, and will slowly catch up with my favourite bloggers (as soon as I recover). I read that your sister is coming to Sydney and I am really happy for you.

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    • Hello Ese. Thank you for being so prompt posting. This photo is from Zagreb. I had no time to see my Italian photos yet. We came back late last night. Oh, I love that music. Thank you very much for listening to Daft Punk 😉

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  2. Stavo per scriverti un allegro”Bentornata!” ,quando ho visto che il tuo viaggio non e’ stato all’altezza delle aspettative….Anzi!
    Mi dispiace , ovviamente , e spero tu possa ricuperare in fretta…
    Ciao Paulina, a presto!


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    • Hello Colline 🙂 If I deduct all the bad experience and my fall, it was smashing :D. I was taking a pic of the fake David in Florence for you when two women yelled at me to move away so that they can take pics of each other standing by his feet…. stupid cows…. 😀


  4. A blackberry bush? Girl, you’re worse than me!!! 🙂 It doesn’t sound like too much fun overall, Paula. Sorry about that, especially as I expect you need your typing fingers for translating. On a more positive note, I really love this photo and the soothing music. 🙂
    Take some time to sort yourself out, hon, and I’ll see you around. Hugs!


    • Funny, but I remembered you a few hours after my fall and I said to myself – Jo at least has a common sense to fall into a body of water ;). I will be ok (I think) I am just slowed down a bit and of course there is a workload that can’t wait….

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  6. Welcome back, Paula. Your B&W photo is lovely but I’m sorry about the blackberry incident. Sadly that is an all to common occurrence around here, they are everywhere just waiting to grab and scratch. 😦


  7. This is like reflecting from the past, I do have my B&W very special photo literally, and wanting like I wanna post it as well here. Imagine one walking in the river with your own feet captured on it. And when you decided to turn it black and white, voila! It became extraordinary! Because it was, it’s now even part of my comment in your blog post here which is simply beyond B&W. 😀 Happy Sunday!


  8. Hello my dear disappointed Paula. I’m so sorry Tuscany bit you, and that you were ill. However, you still posted a spectacular b&w.

    (Just to let you know I’m withdrawing from comments for a few weeks, trying to sort out my comment addiction, and reshape my days a bit. I love the dialogue, but not the addiction! Talk to you again in a few weeks.)


    • Hello Meg, It wasn’t that bad, and I had a feeling it was overrated even before my trip. Thank you for your words and I appreciate you letting me know about your addiction 😀 I wasn’t aware of it. Just take your time…


  9. welcome back – and I read some of the comments and so I got a bit of info about your trip – wow – an d stupid cows – I agree – hope you get caught up and do not have to see a doc. 🙂 ❤


    • Thank you very much for your interest 🙂 I am fine now, except for tons of work at the office, and I also started a new blog where I post daily, but it is about languages 😉


    • Oh Mark, thank you so much for your concern. I was a spoiled baby about my fall, but I recovered within a couple of days and could look more realistically at my holiday – it wasn’t that bad at all, for one I only had about an hour of rain in entire 11 days and I never got hungry – what more could one ask for 😉 Besides, I do like the pics I took home from Bologna; I was so busy that I still did not check out pics from Firenze, Siena, Pisa, Lucca and the villages in Tuscany.


  10. I love the attitude after all we have to put things into perspective don’t we. We are all very luck to be able to escape with our photography and from time to time travel to some wonderful countries many things most cannot do. Have a great weekend.


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