Thursday’s Special: Of the night

This night scene is the first photo I took on my trip to Italy this month. The historic centre of Bologna was welcoming and the rain did not spoil the excitement of discovering a new location. Freshly bathed streets were glistening, and the light coming from the old towers gave the whole square a golden reflection.


san petronio_bologna

The church in the photo is San Petronio. I loved the way it looked on that rainy night, so I visited it the following morning, but could not take any inside photos (and not for the lack of trying!!).

If  you are curious to see more pictures from my walk in Bologna, make sure to come back next week 😉

For those who want to take part in my non-challenge Thursday’s Special, please post a photo/s taken at night-time (or any other time of day, since you are not bound by a theme) and link it to this post. More information on this non-challenge can be found in the original post. A click on the bellow widget will take you to the previous TS entries and links.




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64 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Of the night

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    • I would love to go to Gee Gees with you, Debbie, especially if I can see and touch some closes up close 🙂 Thank you so much for giving my language blog a “follow” 🙂


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    • 🙂 I like it a lot, Patricia, as well as your description of it. The gradually coloured sky turned out pretty accurate in your shot. Thank you very much for your lovely entry.


    • Thank you, Sylvia. Nice of you to check San Petronio. I wish I could take you inside but the bad people wouldn’t let take pictures 😉 I have never seen this type of a facade on a church before so I was quite mesmerised by it.

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  5. What a beautiful photo Paula! The lighting looks very effective in the rain – very moody and atmospheric! I’ve never been to Bologna myself but have heard it’s well worth visiting and I’m looking forward to seeing some more photos of your trip!


  6. what a striking photo – the light still has me looking around with interest – after many views.
    oh 0 and they have these new body cameras that look like a button and so next time you go – just pin one on and voila – just kidding, just kidding….


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