Photography 101: Street

On my travels I have seen streets in many towns and most of them were packed with tourists and locals which did not always make me feel welcome. There is something about my home town Zagreb when it gets emptied in August that appeals to me. Here is one of its main streets…





or maybe it looks better in this one? (Feel free to vote)


I am taking part in Word Press’ #photo101 project the purpose of which is to post a photo a day during the month of November. This will not stop me from publishing my usual posts as well, particularly for my Thursday’s Special and Black and White Sunday challenges.


34 thoughts on “Photography 101: Street

  1. Its always the silence which somehow speaks of a street more than the noise! love the peace and quite this photo exhibits! great shot


  2. ….. prima di leggere il tuo nome , quando e’ apparsa questa foto sul mio reader , ho pensato:” E’ Paula!” , e ho indovinato!
    Bella foto,bella luce,bello stile e bella città !


  3. My choice (if I have to make a choice!) is number 1. Something about that pale apricot light suggests the liminal.

    I’d like more photos of Zagreb – I loved it in my short visits earlier this year. I used to get out and about at daybreak and watch the city coming to life – the markets, and the early-to-work people pausing at the stone gate shrine, and the shopkeepers preparing to open. Then an espresso and more rambling. I’m nostalgic!


  4. It’s a very nice-looking city, Paula ! – one that a traveller could be happy to reach. You increased the gamma in the second …? I rather think I prefer the darker version …


    • 😀 happy to have you here Sylvia. I will not be posting music on photo 101 posts, in case you are wondering, but will on posts that are linked to other events 🙂 Thank you, loveliness 🙂

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  5. Oh, I can’t decide which one looks better Paula. They are both stunning in their own way. The top one have that mysterious and serene look while the second one have a more ‘lively’ look, especially with the accentuated light on the building. Stunning captures and it’s so beautiful there. I do prefer the ‘quiet’ more as well. Some days our little town is so packed with all the tourists that you, as a local can’t go anywhere and you’re right, then you don’t feel welcome. I think we must get our own little islands. Wouldn’t that be nice? 😀 ♥


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