Photography 101: Water

Having one of the most advanced waterway systems in Europe, the medieval Bologna grew into the fifth largest city in the 13th century Europe and into the main textile centre of Italy.

Water canals can still be seen today surrounding the narrow alleys of this enthralling town.

The host of #photo101 project Cheri Lucas suggested we should turn the camera both horizontally and vertically while shooting to get both landscape and portrait views of the same scene. I am happy to oblige and post two different views of Moline canal in Bologna.



This is my interpretation of water for today. I look forward to seeing your entries. A word of warning for tomorrow: this month I will be combining my Thursday’s Special with Photo 101 assignments, which will economize my posting process and maybe bring more advertising to my main event 😀


34 thoughts on “Photography 101: Water

  1. I participated at the same challenge on Wp in the weekly challenge in August 2013. And about water, it’s a beautifull place there. Italy, is probably a very nice country of discovery.


  2. In my view, portrait wins hands down – that lovely herring-boned water; the detail of the buildings; the divisions of the composition. Bologna goes on my list.

    I’m sending healing thoughts to your hand.


  3. water canals like this always amaze me – and the two photos are so nice – not sure which I like better – but the color of the buildings is wonderful – and the angle you give us really pulls the eye in – 🙂


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