Photography 101: Landmark

Not a typical view, and hardly a view that anybody outside the town would recognize; I give you the tallest tower of the Italian Medieval “Manhattan”.



Giร  sembra lontano che sono stata a Bologna....

Giร  sembra lontano che sono stata a Bologna….

This is my entry for today’s #photo101 project.


42 thoughts on “Photography 101: Landmark

  1. Pas รฉvident de trouver un angle de vue pertinent sur ce genre de photo. Lร  tu as su la borner sur la gauche avec ce superbe mur en briques et par le dessous avec les 2 cheminรฉes!
    C’est ce que j’appelle un angle originale qui permet ร  cette photo de ne pas ressembler aux millions d’autres prises par tous les touristes!
    Encore une fois, belle maรฎtrise du sujet et belle rรฉalisation!


  2. We have not been here Paula so delighted to see this most creative shot. I enjoyed reading through the comments. perhaps you could do a post on how to always get the reception staff to give your requests. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • No, we didn’t, but we didn’t plan on it either. We were there very shortly though we spent the night. We came in the evening, left the hotel in the morning and had some 2 hours of sightseeing.


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