Thursday’s Special: Warmth – Photo 101


Il tuo amore brilla nel mio cuore

(Ennio Morricone / Dulce Pontes)



This month I am combining my Thursday’s Special event with the #photo101 assignment for that day. I will be happy, if you join me. Remember, for my event you can come up with your own special theme. Happy Thursday!




These are the links to other entries to this week’s Thursday Special: 



56 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Warmth – Photo 101

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      • Thanks Paula and thanks for the comments on my post, I appreciate your feedback and that you’re sharing your thoughts.
        I’m surprised to see so many feet this Thursday, while in my photo people can’t even stay on their feet! 🙂
        Have a wonderful Thursday. I’m looking forward to see your mystery post tomorrow. After a lot of thinking and partly inspired by the mythology that we were talking about, I managed to Photoshop my way into an ancient mystery.


    • 🙂 I feel warmer when I know that my post has resonated with someone. I am also happy you took time to listen to this song which is absolutely beautiful to me and which I chose in particular to accompany this year old photo that is also very special to me. As I said on your page, the scene in your photo goes beyond the captured moment and it is more than skin-deep. Thank you, Ese!


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  5. Bonjour,
    Je n’ai pas le niveau de tes photos, mais elles sont absolument magnifiques, superbes. Tu es une artiste de coeur et tu es entourée de belles personnes. Je vais aller voir tes autres participations. Désolée de ne pas être venue plus tôt, j’ai pris du retard 🙂
    Belle journée à venir ou en cours.

    I do not have the level of your photos, but they are absolutely beautiful, stunning. You’re an artist and you’re heart surrounded by beautiful people. I’m going to see your other entries. Sorry for not being here earlier, I got behind 🙂
    Beautiful day coming or going.


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