Thursday’s Special: Swarm – Photo 101



This month I am combining my Thursday’s Special event with the #photo101 assignment for that day. I will be happy, if you join me. Remember, for my event you can come up with your own special theme.

There you can also read what I think of their choice of the theme for today. I committed to do it, to post every day and to combine it with my event. I apologise to everybody who might get frustrated while looking for something swarmy to post today.




This week’s TS entries are: 


Debbie’s Financial Times

Tish’s Swarm

Patricia’s boys watching the swarm

 Meg’s Magpie

 Amanda’s swarm 

Cardinal’s Big City 

87 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Swarm – Photo 101

    • Thanks a lot. I wrote on Commons platform what I think of today’s theme. Yours was the only entry I could see, other links don’t work for me from work. Despite the fact that I was equipped for the swarm, I had to say there what I think of this theme for today.


      • Thank you, Sophia. I know you understand. Our health care system is very slow here. I will do some bloodwork privately tomorrow, and then see what’s next. Hugs (they never replied to you! Those idiots)

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        • You’re welcome hon and I do understand. That is not good to hear and I do hope they get the problem and that you will be 110% healthy in no time. 😀

          Nope, I am just being ignored. Guess they’re way too important to give poor, little me access to their blog. Now they can shove it. 😆


                  • 😆 they want people to suck.up to them. I’ll copy now for you the comment I.left them on Commons today about swarm. Here: ” Before I address anybody in my critique about the choice of today’s theme (though it seems that the participants are OK with it) I would like to know who stands behind it Cheri or Michelle. I have a limited access to this platform at the moment. The shot of bikers is a lucky find and it works well for swarm. However, when proposing a theme for the challenge one must think outside their own shots and take others into consideration. You want beginner photographers (photo 101!!!) encouraged, not frustrated. Also I hope that when you set a theme you would like people to give something that should fit the theme. You also said a group of inanimate objects is fine too (but they have to suggest swarm) – why don’t make everybody’s life easier and more fair and call it multitude????”

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                    • Well said Paula and it’s a good thing then that I never registered. I don’t suck up to anyone and well, most know it. I am honest but they won’t like my honesty. 😆

                      So, you ever got an answer back?


                    • Nope, Cardinal tried to convince me it is OK; a lady blogger from India said I was.right. Neither of the initiators answered and no other members commented on my comment. You know what I think- most people are superficial or stupid or just don’t care.

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                    • Oh my. That doesn’t sound at all like fun for you, especially if you’re feeling the way you do hon. Things like that is just not worth it and they’re not worth that you upset yourself over their stupidity and self-importance. You are way better than they are and so is your stunning photography. ♥


                    • The reason why I entered it was to meet other bloggers interested in photography and to widen my horizons. I never expected to learn anything in their “course”.

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                    • hahahahah! I know what you mean and I learned that lesson very well too. That’s when I decided that I’ll make photography fun and not a competition. I don’t ask anyone for an opinion and don’t want any because it is what I enjoy. It’s a hobby and there are lots of websites on the internet where you can learn without having to suck up to anyone or being critisized. This is one of the best of the lot:


      • Oh my dear! Do you need a nurture from the southern hemisphere? May the fever head off into outer space soon. I can understand your irritations. Can’t you uncommit? Challenges are obviously challenging in more ways than one.


    • I’m doing better now (have had hand problems). I am glad to hear you had fun travelling Ron. November was busy here with photo101 challenge ;). I have some posts I am proud of 😀 (warm, nature, glass, landscape, triumph ;))


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