Ideas for 2015?

I  have been thinking about new blogging ideas for the following year…

How would you feel, if you could contribute to Thursday’s Special or Black & White Sunday in a more controlling way?

I invite you to submit your ideas/possible themes, and also would like to know if you would be interested to have a guest  blogger post on my blog (one member per month) where you would showcase your photo (or several of them) on a theme of your choice? 

Please, let me know what you think.

Warm regards,


49 thoughts on “Ideas for 2015?

  1. I would not mind Paula – especially if you listed the themes in advance. Those guest posts sound intriguing too – it would be a great way to get to know more bloggers.


      • Oops. Now you’re putting me on the spot, Paula, but what a very kind invitation. I’ll have a ponder about ideas. But for starters I’m just thinking of the way Cee has certain themes and categories on her blog; it’s always a question of coming up with something that’s enticing and fresh.


        • I hope I am not putting you on the spot, Tish. There is no pressure and certainly not deadlines. I really want people to fee more like at home here. People can/could do a guest post on TS or B&W Sunday, or simply Guest Blogger Challenge- Once a month I want somebody else to take charge of this space 😀 and I would be a common visitor 😛 The post would be published on both blogs – on his/hers and here. You have seen so much, your photos are always inspiring – I for one would be honoured to have you host it 🙂

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    • Hello dear Julie, actually I am planning on working less by subletting my space to others ;). I thought it would be cool to have a guest blogger assign challenges and take the floor. In October I started language teaching blog (the idea was to post daily, but it’s too much work); I have to organise myself without putting too much strain on my hand. Jul’s if you have ideas or would like to challenge bloggers on my page, let me know. In any case I will be a more generous hostess in 2015 as I will.disclose themes a week in advance (my pre New Year resolution ;))

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      • posting daily is a hard thing to do and can become gruesome to the point where you don’t want to post anymore. So, in order to keep us happy about blogging, we shouldn’t put ourselves to so much, specially when we also have that other job outside.

        I’ll be thinking about themes for you, maybe after I’ve seen one or 2 go by for inspiration. You know already how much I greatly enjoy your posts, your inspired music and pictures. I’d love to try and be up to it.

        Cheers to the upcoming New Year’s resolutions!


          • thanks Paula! you don’t have to stop by tomorrow, the next post will be on friday for the weekly photo challenge and then on sunday for something new. I’m still well behind in telling you all about our latest travels (to Czech Republic mid-October!!!) and that’s what I’ll be talking about soon.

            Holiday season will bring new pictures and new stories as I’ll be taking Raul up to the mountains for his first ski trip ever! that’ll be fun to show… next year! 😉

            Work things through, I know you’ll plan something beautiful for us all!


            • 😀 Where are you taking him? To French Alps? I was in Slovakia in July, and in Tuscany in October – us people from the East prefer to travel west, in other words hubby did not like Slovakia and made me promise I will never take him east again 😀


              • as we are in Aix-en-Provence right now, I’ll take him to the French Alps, yes, near Chamonix. He likes the discovery, west or east, but he’s not so much inclined in sports that might hurt his “lame” leg… So, he’ll try skiing, for the sake of it, for me, I guess. and otherwise, we’ll go sledging and/or make snow angels and snowmen! 😉


                • Oh sorry, with all the hiking you guys do, I never realised Raul has a lame leg :S. I was on Chamonix in 1987 😀 not skiing. I had a friend in Geneve and spent a few nights there. I remember they took me to a cinema and I watched Crocodile Dundee dubbed in French – for a French student that I was then it was a blast :D. They even took me to Annecy. All those years I lived without a camera – what a shame. I told you once I was in Aix when I was 17 years old – my first encounter with France – I spent three months living with nuns 😆

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                  • I remember you telling me about living in Aix for a while but I didn’t know you lived with nuns! That must have been quite an experience too! 😉

                    We’ll only be staying up in the mountains for 1 week this time, I hope to take Raul back there during summer for a few short hikes in spite of the lame leg. He still likes the outdoors, we just have to choose well where we go.

                    you must have seen a lot of beautiful places while you were up there.. no camera then?!, oh well, it’s just another good reason to come back some day soon with hubby! 😉 he might like it better in this direction, right?


  2. Great idea Paula but it must be hard to think up themes that aren’t being done over and over again by others. Abstract photography might be fun . Can’t think of anything else right now. 🙂


      • My first thoughts on this are abstractions that can occur photographing reflections, plastic bags, old painted walls – that kind of thing. Then there are abstractions created by manipulating photos or zooming in on a flower etc. and creating an abstract image.


    • Suzanne, I am thinking of putting on “abstract” for Thursday 15th January. I want to present you and link to you as it is your idea, but it would be even better if you would host that Thursday’s Special. What do you say?


  3. Hi Paula, both ideas – us contributing to the themes and your featuring guest bloggers – are intriguing! It’s just such a coincidence that I am devising a photo challenge, but I am not sure about it all panning out yet (I am thinking of projects us photography bloggers might want to do together).
    But to cut a long story short, here is an idea from “The Photographer’s Playbook”:
    1. Photograph something beuatiful.
    2. Make a beautiful photo.
    And as we are an international community, here’s another one:
    1. Show something that you think is typical of your town/city/country.
    2. Show something that you think others think of as typical of your town/city/country.
    I’ll be back if more come comes to mind.
    And one more thing: I love the soundtrack idea but am wary of copyrights – in my country at least, you got to pay to play…
    Best, Tobias


    • Yes, I know about copyrights. If you choose to be a guest blogger here (which would be my honour) I will not make you play music :D. My only condition is to tell bloggers about a theme at least a week in advance so that they can be ready. You could take over one Thursday’s Special or one Black and White Sunday event (for me) or if you prefer do an independent post here? Let me know what you think …


        • Tobias, don’t worry. There is a list of scheduled posts – you can see it on the menu above under Scheduled Challenges – we have themes and we have guest bloggers until March :). I need a volunteer to do a guest post on Black and White Sunday some week in March. Would you be interested?


    • Perfect Debbie. Would you let me know which of the following dates best suits you: 1st, 8th, or 15th of February for B&W Sunday? When you pick the date and theme, I will enter it into the schedule for people to see and start planning. When you decide we will have both January and February ready. January opens with Cardinal’s Architecture (B&W) and on 22nd January Tish will guest post on the subject “knowing your place” in colour for TS 🙂


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