Thursday’s Special: Sunset

For my last Thursday’s Special post in 2014 I chose the tune “Veloma” by Fabrizio Paterlini.Β Veloma in Malagasy means “goodbye”, but this is not really a goodbye; it is just one “see you next year”. The first Thursday’s Special post scheduled for January is on the 8th with the theme “Dusk”. More about themes and scheduled posts on Scheduled Challenges page.




Thursday’s Special may be over for now, but we still have two Black & White Sunday posts this year – see the above mentioned page for schedule. To all those that are checking out early this year I am sending Christmas blessings and best wishes!


The last TS entries in this year are:

Debbie’s talking to Santa

Jo’s Festive Sunset

Heart of the Sun by Tish

CG’s early morning sun

Suzanne’s Hot Day Sunset

Drake’s “Sunset Boulevard”


55 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Sunset

    • Just a farewell from one of my posts, Patti. I will be hanging on here as I work for most days till December. Are you travelling to the UK? My best wishes to you, darling!


  1. A stunning photo to end the year, Paula. Delicious colours and lovely composition. Hills and water and silhouette and music. What more could we want?

    May you have a charmed season, however you celebrate. For me, it will be a belated solstice at my daughter’s, with 7 beloved family members (5 missing) and a friend or two on 25th. She’s been trying to get us together-ish at her place for years.


    • Hello Meg, thank you for coming to see me. I will be here and posting a few more times before the end of year. This is just the end of TS. Thank you for your wishes. I will come to see you at your place with my wishes near the holiday πŸ™‚


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  7. What a beautiful sunset photo to finish the year of photography posts with. I hope you have a very happy Christmas and look forward to talking with you in the new year . I have a dreadful feeling I forgot to reply to your email about me doing a guest post early in March. Sorry – I’ve been really busy . I would definitely like to do the post – I think the date you mentioned was March 5. πŸ™‚ Here’s my Thursday special photo –


    • Dear Sue, I still plan to post for two Black & White Sundays πŸ˜‰ this is just a goodbye from TS and a “see you” to those who are taking long holidays (also from the Internet). I will be here this whole time (I have days off on 25th and 26th and again on January 1). I have scheduled your abstract post for March (you can always check what is going on on “Scheduled Challenges” page. Anyway I will be here πŸ˜‰ Thank you for your glorious hot day sunset. Wishing you all the best, Paula


  8. thanks for the new word… can’t believe the year is winding down – whew
    and that image is colorful with that reflection!


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