Black & White Sunday: Through


The theme of today’s challenge is “through”. I captured this one walking the streets of Vicenza, Italy two summers ago. Seeing a new place always inspires me, so I decided to play with exposure, perspective and framing. I’d like to see your ideas of through, be it literal or figurative, or just show me what you have ready this Sunday in B&W.
Next Sunday the theme is “Surprise”. Please, check out “Scheduled challenges” for further details.



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74 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Through

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  2. I’ve saved your photo onto my camera roll so I can scrutinise it more thoroughly. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this before. I’ve missed heaps. All that wonderful and varied floor paving leads the eye to the outer world. My eye goes through the ancient to the modern outside: the great doors, the uneven walls, the ceiling. And then the white simplicity on the other side, contained by that arch. A wonderful shot, my friend.


  3. Beautiful! So many details, but a lot captured from the floor. I also love that you offset the shot a bit. You could’ve lined up straight with the door with the flooring lines set up straight, but you didn’t. I think it makes it more interesting.


  4. At first I read Venezia and I thought that this was not the typical Venezia photo. Then I saw that it said Vicenza. I have no idea what a typical Vicenza photo looks like, but I’m guesssing that a low angle like this isn’t typical 🙂
    I’ll go look for a B&W photo now.


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  6. A lot of beautiful things to notice, Paula – all we need to do is to stop and look closely. The details of the pavement caught my eye at once. And then the big open door…not sure if it is because of the light and shadows, but I have the feeling of walking from the past into the unknown modern world out there . 🙂
    Here’s what I came up with this time:
    Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs


  7. Is it so long since Vicenza? I remember your posts well and I’d love to visit.
    Soothing music while I think that my Sundays are not very black and white at all! Much more often colourful and there was a lovely sunrise this morning. The photo is one I could look at and look at, Paula! So much happening… Have a peaceful Sunday 🙂


      • Hey, no worries, Paula! I have quite a few ‘shares’ this week (after the hols) so hang on to it. You’re meant to enjoy the process so get over your headache first. Gentle hugs! 🙂


      • How’s the head today? 🙂
        I don’t know what I was thinking with my comment above. You have all week to post because I already have a link to the first part of your walk featured this week. If I only had a brain, as the scarecrow said to Dorothy. But I know you’re very busy so whenever it suits 🙂


        • Oh dear Jo, thank you for caring about my contribution and for my health. I had a terrible day and night yesterday with non-stop headache. It is better today, and I will try to do it later on. The result of presidential elections is not making it an easy day though.


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  10. I have to comment that it’s a great picture, revealing wonderful textures, but I LOVE your ‘Blogging is about commenting, not clicking likes. Be heard…’. I appreciate details like this in expressions as well as pictures. It’s the best I’ve seen so far on WordPress.


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    • I recognise that gate in Buzet. When I was there I was too inexperienced and did not have my own camera to do anything about it. This is gorgeous. Thank you so much.


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