Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 01

Stretching in an area of 316 hectares with five lakes and a zoo, Maksimir is the favourite place to unwind for many citizens of Zagreb. When Cardinal said we should take photos every month of a place in our city to show seasonal and other changes, I could not think of a better one. Winter is not glamorous in my parts, the virginal snow here lasts for a few hours at most to be quickly replaced with squishy, muddy, gray mush, but even in this grayish, bleak coat Maksimir remains my preferred part of the town, and also the one I draw my earliest childhood memories from.



Every month Cardinal will challenge us to go to the same spot and take photos in different light and atmosphere. Check out this challenge, and join us.


54 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 01

  1. Brilliant stuff Paula. Looks like a really beautiful area and with all the water and trees I’m guessing that this area will explode in colours pretty soon. Your spring probably starts a good month earlier than here.
    I love the shots and that neo-gothic chapel looks a bit spooky!


    • Thanks a lot CG. This is the first time I could take a photo of the chapel from behind. In Spring, Summer and Fall it is covered with trees, so I had to hurry up. I thought with five lakes and the zoo on the property I will never run out on inspiration if I chose this part of the town. Your challenge made a significant change in my photographic “career” already πŸ˜€ It made me commit to go out in a fresh air more, to observe longer and better (I hope). Thank you for the idea πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for showing me so beautifully what I missed by whizzing through Zagreb. “Colours nevertheless” is my favourite, but so are all those bare-branch traceries, and the buildings. Can everything be a favourite?

    This challenge is not for me this year. I’ll be experiencing two winters and four very different places in the next six months.


  3. seems like a very interesting project, looking forward to participating. your chosen place will surely present a lot of material. even bare in winter it looks nice. I have to think now what to choose.


  4. I managed to miss Cardinal’s challenge, Paula, so thank you very much for directing my attention πŸ™‚ I came here to look at the Special and got sidetracked (rather beautifully πŸ™‚ )


  5. If my winter could look like that, I won’t mind at all Paula. What a beautiful place and you’ve captured it so very well. Excellent shots hon. πŸ˜€ β™₯


    • These few weeks have been very mild, but the sun is shinning in beautiful colours only during the weekend. Comes the weekend and all the blue is gone :S There, it happened again. I will have to find some still life around the hose to take pics of. Thank you, Sophia for joining me on this walk.

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  6. You’re presenting a beautiful gallery with fine light and great moods, Paula. Glad you had such a nice encounter as well. Do you meet the little cutie often?
    Klem, Dina


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