Thursday’s Special: Multicoloured

You know that I allow you to post whatever you like for Thursday’s Special, and even though today’s theme is very simple, I wouldn’t mind if some of you come up with a different theme. In any case, I am thankful for your visits and entries. Be aware that the next Thursday’s Special challenge will be hosted by one of my favourite guests – Tish Farrel with the theme “Knowing your place”. You don’t want to miss it!

That’s all from me for now. Have a joyful Thursday!



P.S. Please check out the Scheduled Challenges page to see all upcoming events with set themes and dates.

Here is the TS widget  


And the colourful entries are: 

Multicoloured by Daily Musings

Meg’s multicoloured iron

Cardinal’s field

Colourful Graffiti by Cardinal

Debbie’s Glass Balloons

Ese’s Multicoloured

Irene’s Multicoloured Fun

Colline’s Multicoloured Still Life

Multicoloured colanders by Tish

Jo’s Inspiration

Klara’s Multicoloured

Kathryn’s Multicoloured World

Patricia’s Multicoloured Rug

John’s Multicoloured
Maria’s Multicoloured Petunias
Disguised Multi-colors by Drake
Multicolored by AE
Lumar’s Multicoloured 
Suzanne’s Multicoloured

100 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Multicoloured

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  5. A handsome chap, Paula 🙂 Good to see that some people are much better prepared for the challenges than me. I went chasing a rainbow but it was no great success. I ended up with shadows! So, plan B might have to operate 🙂


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  10. As always, you post the unexpected and the subtle. Such plumage, and such a knowing eye. I love the way you showcase entires in the challenge. You certainly harvested diversity. I already had iron scheduled. I’m not often so pre-pared.


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