I don’t want to talk. I just need my serenity back like when I took this.




People responsible for today’s theme……


63 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. I’m so glad I’ve finally got round to filling my screen with your wonderful photos. I can really see the many layers of colour (far more than I saw on the small image) the silkiness of the water with its sunset reflections, the solidity of the headland, and then the boat triumphantly breaking the rule of thirds. Superb.

    And I hope you are approaching superb serenity yourself. May everything conspire to make this so.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Paula…I could sit and watch for hours, even not noticing that the light has disappeared and still be amazed, yet calm at the same time. Where is this beauty from?
    Still enjoying music…yes, words are definitely not needed here… 🙂


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