Express yourself

“Express yourself” says Krista back at daily post i.e. Weekly Photo Challenge. Very well, this is what I am up to today…..

The idea of using Photofunia app came from Yvette – it saved me a lot of trouble Photoshopping.








84 thoughts on “Express yourself

  1. How do you feel yourself in this entourage? You seem perfectly natural – not meaning that you a witch or anything, but the eerie atmosphere, the outfit, and you are perfectly beautiful. I only want to give you a glass of hot red wine instead of that apple


    • I’ll have wine, Elena, but would rather drink it cooled to 18 Celsius :). I like role playing 😉 Thank you for your kindness. I hope your family are all well.


  2. You are always surprising. I’m wondering what you’re saying about yourself and getting pleasure out of speculating. Fortunately I can’t download the app onto iPad because I resist upgrading the OS, so it’s one less obsession to worry about. I’ll just enjoy your use of it!


  3. oh my gosh – I was smiling when I saw this picture in my reader – but then smiling even more (and pretty impressed actually) that used photofunia (cos I know how skilled you are with photoshop – and seriously my friend – that just shows how cool you are – willing to use a stock app kinda thing – with being a master in PS – pretty awesome)
    and the photo came out really good – but I am not taking a bite of that apple – oh no…..


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