Black & White Sunday: Personality

What follows is a black & white rendition of my portrait photo of Jane Eyre doll. Jane Eyre is the main character in Bronte’s novel by the same name and quite a personality. You can see earlier posts dedicated to her here and here.




I look forward to seeing your choice of personalities for this Sunday. Remember, you are allowed to step outside the theme and post any other subject in B&W.



Please see the gorgeous entries for this Black & White Sunday. Click on the titles bellow:

Tangerine a la ParisienneΒ 

Personality by Ese

Max the Dog

Stone Arrangement by Colline

Personality by Klara


48 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Personality

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  2. Quite a personality indeed, Paula – that shines through every little detail. I like the way the light adds softness and a bit of sadness to her character. Knowing the novel, I must say – you are spot on with her name. And with the photo, of course.
    Here’s a personality I noticed once upon a time:
    PS: I keep enjoying your choice of music…


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  5. Paula – the doll went so well with the song and with a Sunday feel. and the mood you created with that doll – I am still chewing on it – πŸ™‚
    and for my “arranged” entry – well I have actually had a lot of fun thinking about it yesterday – such a good word choice. Still deciding – but did find this to share (just for fun) in the meantime….


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