Thursday’s Special: Red

This is not just another doll; this is Laura, one of the most notorious characters in Croatian literary realism (one of the two main protagonists in Ante Kovačić’s novel “U Registraturi”). Don’t be fooled by her sweet, innocent looks; behind the feminine and seductive exterior there is a heart of a ruthless murderer…. or this is at least how most readers of the novel (or spectators of the TV show from 1974) see her, but in all fairness, there is much more to her character, which is one of the most powerfully depicted feminists in the 19th century literature.

P.S. I was going to write a short analysis of the novel, but since there are no available translations of the work for you to read, it seemed unnecessary. Instead, please enjoy the unmatched musical score from the screen adaptation of the novel.



For this Thursday I chose the theme “red”.  Some of you might think it is too easy and lacking imagination, but I like “colours” as a photo theme cause it gives opportunity to everyone to find something fitting. Please show me what red means to you: be it a redhead, a red cat, a red cap, or a red sunset or anything that comes to your mind and fits the description of “red”.

Next week the theme is “Cold”. More details on Scheduled Challenges page…





Please click on the titles bellow to see the participants’ entries:

Ese’s red petals 

Red by Klara

Irene’s Red

Across or along the red line

Tish’s pomme sauvage

Love & Peace

Red by Yvette

Valentine red

Red by Patricia

Red on a shelf

Red still life

Michelle’s Valentine’s

66 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Red

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  2. the doll looks like it is mint condition – and how cool that this laura is a character like that – the music was interesting too – really lovely and up and down tempo – (parts reminded me of phantom – but just a bit)


  3. From time to time I have been looking croatian Ante Kovačić because I’ve got him recommended – but I didn’t succeed yet to find translations into language which I understand if you have to find the heart of the writing then you have to be able to umderstand more than “one beer, two beer” – one day I’ll be lucky… 🙂

    To be a doll needn’t be negative, in my eyes – things isn’t black or white… 😀


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  5. Must admit I had never heard about Ante Kovačić (shame on me), so…yes, Laura and her “creator” is a discovery. I love the photo, and the story hidden in every single detail, visible to an eye. The fragility of feathers and those laces in her dress, whispering about femininity but then…the fire and unpredictability of the red hair, also those almost piercing eyes… “A heart of a ruthless murderer”…yes, the hidden parts of the character that can be hidden but not always. Dear Paula, thank you very much for telling a story through the photo as well as music. I enjoyed, a lot!
    Though being allured by yours “…or a red sunset”, I decided to take this turn today:


    • 🙂 There is no way you could hear of him, Ese. I don’t know who told Drake about him :D. I think that the TV series was pretty great for that time too, but I doubt it was ever screened outside ex Yugoslavia. I can’t wait to see your red sunset 😀

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  9. So hard to imagine beautiful Laura has a heart of a “ruthless murderer” ….

    What ever the story behind, this image is simply stunning…

    and it’s not surprising to see this kind of details, you have done it many a times before, Paula 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post 🙂


  10. Laura does indeed look all sweetness and light and from your description of her it just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover. Gorgeous outfit. Pity there is no translation as it sounds interesting. Loved the music. Perhaps it shows a bit more of the other side of Laura or her life.


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  14. Innocence itself! (not 🙂 ) I have a terrible weakness for The Musketeers in the current silly TV series, and there’s a beautiful wicked lady too- but I digress! I love sliding down through your ‘entries’ to the challenge, Paula. The contrasts are wonderful. When I have more time I visit them all but I am reminded that I shouldn’t be lingering this morning. Pure indulgence 🙂


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