Black & White Sunday: Lines




Maybe you have some lines to share with me too? Leave links to your post in the comment section. Happy Sunday!


Please look at these great entries for Black & White Sunday. Click on the titles bellow:

Train Station Lines

Ese’s lines

Lines by Starryskies

Lines of flight by Suzanne

Klara’s lines

Bridge lines by Debbie

Lines in a forest

Colline’s Winter Lines

Lining Up in NYC by Tish

Less? More?Β 


56 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Lines

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  3. You have caught an interesting and lovely patterns and angles, Paula! I am the most drawn to the last one…to the combination of being “busy” and clean at the same time. What kind of construction is it and where?
    Oh, yes, and monochrome definitely does let to notice the details here the colours might have distracted my attention from. πŸ™‚
    Here’ re…my lines:
    Have a wonderful Sunday! xx


    • Have a great Sunday yourself Ese. Sorry I could not log sooner today – technical difficulties. This is some decorative structure though I don’t find it particularly interesting when looked as a whole. However, photographed from up close and inside it shows some interesting patterns. Thank you for always finding time to participate and to comment on my work. Warm hugs, P.


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    • I wish I could have been digging too… have been recovering from being overworked and sick with ear infection, but I will recover – they won’t see me give up (bosses I mean)


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