Thursday’s Special: Cold




If you wonder about the attached music, it is a song by Croatian band Gustafi written in Istrian dialect. It is about being cold and away from the loved one. I love their sense of humour and propensity for parody.

For this Thursday I chose the theme “cold”. It is still cold in my parts, but it does not have to be cold outside to come up with something fitting for the theme. Anyway, your entries are always welcome even if you don’t follow my lead.
Next Thursday the theme is “restoration” as chosen by our hostess Restless Jo. Don’t miss it!

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81 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Cold

    • “Znan da je zima” – I know it is cold, I know I am away, I know I am not there, and that you dream of black flowers, black horses and black birds, waiting for my footsteps at night knowing I won’t come – there. I am planning on posting more of Croatian music in the future, but I don’t have time to translate it all.

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  1. Amazing fellow captured here, love it – so charming… πŸ˜€

    Charming too, the different between the spoken croatian heard ‘normally’ and this – reminds my of the diffentence between the danish from ‘my’ part of Denmark and the so-called right danish… πŸ˜€

    At high school back in Denmark, I had a danish english-teacher – she was more snobby than the most snobbish englishmen – she was very annoyed by my northern english accent which was not pronounced Oxford English – for the exam I got a text about relations between England and Germany – I took advantage of my years in Germany and spoke deliberately in moments as germans speak english – she was very upset at me – but the censor was wildly enthusiastic and would give me full marks because I could switch between the northern english dialect, english with a german accent and standard English – ahh she was so cute when she was outraged… :D.


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  5. Poor little chap! Makes me want to rush and hug him (but I’d probably get bitten 😦 ) Such a fine shot, Paula! And thank you for the translation. Sounds like you are in need of a hug too this morning. Or something more constructive like less work and more pay πŸ™‚


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  7. Fantastic shot for the theme, Paula. He really does look very cold indeed. Great music track too. Keep warm. it feels so cold here in Florida today, with a high of only 13ΒΊ C. I’m sure some people further north would love our ‘cold’ temperatures. πŸ™‚


    • I had a blast watching him (*evil laugh*) To be honest, there was a bunch of them and they were cleaning themselves, but I took liberty interpreting the shot πŸ˜‰


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  9. Hi Paula, thanks for sending me over to this post, this cute guy is hysterical, put a smile on my face! He does look cold but he’ll get no sympathy from me, it was about -32Β°C with windchill today brrrrrr. I guess I can’t really complain, it is Canada after all but I can never get used to such frigid temperatures. I have to echo a comment made by another blogger, the phrasing and delivery of the song does remind me of Leonard Cohen.


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