Thursday’s Special: Restoration (Response to Guest Challenge)

If you have been paying attention lately, you might have noticed how much I love my home town, so here comes another shot of Zagreb. This time it is its most famous landmark the Zagreb cathedral, theΒ monumental church in Croatia that has been under restoration for decades and it is likely that it will undergo it for another five years or so, but once finished you will be able to take an elevator to the top and admire one of the most breathtaking views of the city.

(I am not sure who composed the famous tune Zagreb, Zagreb, but here it goes):



The video bellow, that I borrowed from You Tube, will show you the interior of this magnificent Neo-Gothic structure. Step inside and discover some of its many treasures.


This is the Thursday’s Special with the theme Restoration. Make sure to visit the Guest challenger’s post and please don’t forget to leave links to your own examples of restoration.





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62 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Restoration (Response to Guest Challenge)

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  2. Wow Paula. The cathedral is beautiful. It is going to be magnificent when all the restorations are completed.I hope you post another photo at that time. Zagreb Zagreb I found bits of various pieces I knew in it – I wonder if those musicians used its inspiration. A great piece of music and then to top it off that wonderful organ playing. I think it truly is the closest thing joining us to the divine.


  3. This is one beautiful ‘all in one’ post, Paula πŸ™‚

    Image of a a landmark monument, beautiful music and a really interesting video too πŸ™‚

    A ‘signature Paula’ post πŸ™‚

    Have a beautiful day πŸ™‚


  4. What an amazing shot of the cathedral, and a wonderful perspective on it. I can’t quite envisage how you got all this in the one photo. I too loved the cathedral, and enjoyed wandering round it’s precincts.


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  6. I love the music and that is a stunning shot, Paula. When I think back there have been so many candidates for this subject. Sagrada Familia the obvious one, of course. Thank you so much for sharing our pleasures in this way. I’m never sure where I should be commenting on reblogs so excuse me if I butt in where I shouldn’t be πŸ™‚ I’m off to pop inside the cathedral now. Happy Thursday, Paula!


  7. Another splendid view of Zagreb, Paula. What a stunning cathedral. I take my hat off to the stone masons who prepared to do that kind of restoration. But it also makes one awestruck at the endeavours of the original builders all those centuries ago. And what an organ. It must be magnificent to be in the cathedral while it is being played.


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  9. Even being in the process of restoration, it is such a beautiful and magnificent building, rising proudly above the red roofs of the city. The achitecture reminds me a bit of La Sagrada FamΓ­lia…
    A fabulous capture, Paula!


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  11. Amazing! I ve been in Zagreb few years ago, found it a bit creepy in some places, though spend really nice time there though. Is of course something different what one would expect from Croatia, but it is clear that it is not the coast, Im looking forward to visit Croatia again someday : )


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