Black & White Sunday: Landscape

The choice of black and white is very popular in street, architecture and portrait photography, but it is a less obvious option when it comes to shooting landscapes.

I could not resist posting another photo (that some of you could seeΒ in colour before) of Corsica, but this time in black and white.


san firenzu_beach_b&w

Do you have some black and white landscapes that you want to share? If you do, please leave me the links to your Black & White Sunday posts; you have time till next Sunday.

NOTICE: I’m taking a break next week, so the next scheduled post will be on the 12 of March – guest challenge with the theme: “abstract”.



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96 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Landscape

  1. Paula, this is absolutely gorgeous. This is a strong composition, and it looks amazing enlarged.

    Yes, I’m a B/W addict in general but I’ve always loved B/W landscapes. One of my ongoing projects is about B/W landscapes, and I’ve shown very little of it. I’ve shot lots, and rejected many from the project. There are currently 11 completed pieces in it that I’m satisfied with. I’ve so far revealed only 3 to others. In time, I will begin showing the rest.


  2. I love it in colour, but it is incredibly striking in black and white. The clouds are something special. And I do like landscapes in b&w.

    Have a great break Paula. Is this your Venice trip?


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    • Happy to read your review Ese. You are always observant. Also, I am glad to hear that Sunday brings serenity to you. That mountain lake is captured so perfectly and I am very grateful for your entry. xx


  4. Every time I see one of your photos I decide I’m never going to take another photo! This one is magnificent (have I used that superlative before?) – the light, the atmospherics, the composition.


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  7. This was an out and out stunner in colour! I loved the limpid shades of sky and shoreline. πŸ™‚ But I agree it’s wonderfully dramatic in black and white.
    How are you, Paula? Coping with work and illness?


  8. A stunning capture Paula! Hope you are completely recovered and all set for your Venice break. Your photos are going to be a treat, rain or shine…..can’t wait πŸ™‚


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