Monthly Photo Challenge: Changing seasons 03


Every month Cardinal challenges us to go to the same spot and take photos in different light and atmosphere. Check out this challenge, and join us.



51 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: Changing seasons 03

  1. I like that the first photo of the long avenue creates the sense of BIG space – opening out our mental vista – and then you draw us back in to notice the particular. The movement of the dog and the owners’ legs remind us that we are walking. Lovely, Paula. I feel as if I’ve been on a real visit.


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    • πŸ™‚ Cardinal’s challenge turned out to be fun and I thought it would drive me crazy to go to the same place month after month to take different photos. Thank you, Allan.

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  3. I like this 3rd version – and the music surprised me with the upbeat tempo (waking me up for sure) and so nice – feels like spring bursting through…
    oh and my fav of the collage is the “reflective time” one – the lines and color and art feel –
    ❀ ❀


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