Black & White Sunday: Across



Here is another Black & White Sunday photo challenge. I did some selective colouring, because I could not resist, but you are not required to do the same. You can do sepia, you can do it in cool or warm monochrome tones, you can do anything within black & white photography as long as you promise to have fun. Send me your links … I’m waiting.



Check out the entries for Black & White Sunday. Click on the titles bellow:Β 

From New Jersey to Queens

Across by JM

Something better on the other side?Β 

Bridge across Montmartre

Isn’t this across or what?

Roman bridges

Across the Ocean

Israel 1970’s: The Girls

Lift off!

52 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Across

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  4. What a place, isn’t it, Paula? πŸ™‚ You capture the atmosphere so beautifully then add your own little spark. πŸ™‚ Your lady singer has a fine voice too. Happy Sunday! Any improvement yet?


  5. Love the touch of color! Call me strange but I like the rectangular and arched architecture of the two buildings. I prefer the style of the arches but it’s a great photo composition the way the stairs just lead you to — which one?!


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  9. Nice candid photography. πŸ™‚

    A small tip: As a final step, take the desaturation brush, at 100% strength and brush over the window and wall behind the woman to delete the colour from the building.


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