Thursday’s Special: Panorama


venice panorama


Today the Thursday’s Special theme is Panorama. It does not to have to be a panorama of an ancient city, or city at all, nor does it have to be a photo stitched of multiple images as in my case of Venice. Show me your pictures of views that you found inspiring. I’m waiting….

Happy Thursday!




Β Big thanks to all TS participants for their great entries. Click on the titles bellow:

A night photo from Terceira, Acores

Open air

Ohariu Valley

Jo’s seaside panorama

Panorama a la Anna

Panoramic Venice

New England Panorama

Patricia’s Panoramic

New York City Skyline

Cape Town Panorama

Panorama by Klara

Tulip Farm

66 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Panorama

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  6. Well stitched Paula! This s a fantastic shot – so much detail. Where did you take it from?

    I went for Venice too (great minds….) – it really does demand a panorama shot doesn’t it!


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