Thursday’s Special: Water

Water, the world’s most valuable resource, should not be taken for granted.


Again, you have less than a week to come up with some water shots. Leave me the links to your posts with entries for this challenge, please. Happy Thursday!



NOTE for new visitors: This is a once a week photo challenge. For further details please visit Scheduled Challenges page and Thursday’s Special page.


These are the entries for this week’s Thursday’s Special. Check them out by clicking on titles above images:


Karori Reservoir

Water Reflected in the Black Diamond

Cool and cold at the same time

Out on the water


Another fountain

Water sunset


El Agua

Skagit River


71 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Water

    • 🙂 😉 I like it too, but I need to carry filters around. It was really tricky to park a tripod on these slippery rocks. Thank God for hubby 🙂


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    • When I was posting it I said to myself – it’s unfortunate that Jo isn’t around for this one- but you have discovered it later on 🙂 I hope you are having some fun days my dear.


      • I’m working hard at developing a Polish stomach. I don’t know where they put it all! Not long till your holiday. Hope you’re keeping well. I’ll be without Internet for a day or two x


        • So nice to hear from you, Jo. I have to admit I did not eat in Poland, but I have a hunch the portion sizes and stomachs are similar to ours 😀 It takes practice, you’ll be alright. Have fun! Hugs

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