Black & White Sunday: Tools



Join me this Sunday again and post a photo or several photos of something that can be interpreted as tools. Make sure it is monochrome. A Happy and peaceful Sunday to all of you!



To see the entries to this challenge click on the titles bellow:


Old Timer

Tools of the Tea Trade

Black and White Tools

Wood chairΒ 

Herramientas del jardin

Tools and Knives


Virginia Woolf Napkin

Perfumer’s Tools


60 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Tools

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  3. Excellent shot, the contrast between the tools and the texture of the door look great in black and white. I like this kind of pictures where the photographer has found an interesting detail shares it with the audience.


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  8. I decided to try a unique approach: posting the Sunday Black and White Challenge on … (gasp) Sunday! Revolutionary concept!

    I love your wall of old tools. We have a lot of old tools around, but nowhere convenient for photography. I was thinking that everything we use to make or prepare something else, from a teapot to a piano, is a tool. I never thought about it before.


  9. Ancient tools, looks like they could be in a museum. Nice B&W shot Paula. I didn’t have time to join on Sunday because of the moving. There’s still a lot to be done before I can relax, but it’s starting to look better there now.


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