Thursday’s Special: Symbolism


Four couples in love, a baby and an old man are shown as bronze figures surrounding a fountain in the centre of Zagreb.

zdenac zivota_pf

The sculpture, whose life-size statues are evocative of Rodin’s work, shows movement and continuum of the cycle of life. Paired human figures are embracing the well, the source of life with joy and carelessness, driven by love, life’s greatest mystery and its ultimate purpose.  


 The central figure in Meštrović’s masterpiece is the old man at the end of his life who is contemplating the accumulated water (the life he lived) with regret.


Ivan Meštrović, the most renowned Croatian sculptor and one of the world’s greatest sculptors of the 20th century, created his “Well of Life” (Zdenac života in Croatian) while still a student in 1905. In 1912 the sculpture was placed on the square before the building of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb where it still stands.



This post is my response to guest challenge themed “symbolism” and hosted by Madhu. Please see her post and join her for this exciting challenge. Happy Thursday everyone!




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75 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Symbolism

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  2. Just fantastic presentation of one of the most iconic, recognizable and unique sculptures in Zagreb. I dare say “Well of Life” is for Zagreb what Lady Liberty is for New York, Eiffel Tower for Paris and Big Ben for London. Any other sculpture or landmark from Zagreb can easily be misplaced in any other European city but not the Well of Life. If you ever visit Zagreb try to find it, sit around it, throw a coin in it and make a wish.


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  5. Excellent post. Sculpture is an art that I have long wished that I had a natural gift for. I have always loved it, especially Renaissance and Beaux Arts bronze work. It is so expressive.


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