Black & White Sunday: Perspective and Anti-Perspective (response to Guest Challenge)

This post is my response to guest challenge hosted by Tobias. His theme is perspective and anti-perspective. Please read his post to get an idea what you are supposed to do.

And here is my entry:







To join this week’s Black & White challenge, read Tobias’s post (he is my host today) and link to this or his post. Your entries will be displayed here and linked to. Have a happy and productive Sunday!


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59 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Perspective and Anti-Perspective (response to Guest Challenge)

    • Tobias, I haven’t looked at his work since you first mentioned him. I am happy you like my response. The anti-perspective one is a shot of my lamp reflected with a bit of editing. You have really given me food for thought here. I have to say that yours is the most original challenge. I hope you have more ideas for us, and that maybe you’d like to host one challenge in colour some time in the second half of the year? Please, let me know.


      • In Warsaw. Looking out through dense foliage to the multimedia fountain, and up to old buildings. Slept around the clock, and jet lag is held at bay. J’s cooking lunch, and I’m yet to see family who are away for the mayday weekend. About to begin blogging at Hope you feel as good and as satisfied.


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    • This is my favourite guest challenge so far. It has made me think more than others, and I am very grateful to have met Tobias. Today I received another mail with a guest challenge contribution so I will have to publish three guest challenges this month, which is funny cause I will be away 8 days too. Things are very busy here; it starts to look like work.


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    • Thanks Debbie πŸ™‚ The first ball is a representation of Saturn. Some day I should take photos of all the “planets” that are laid in Zagreb.


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  4. Definitely a post to get one thinking here early in the morning Paula. I may need some more coffee. πŸ™‚ I am especially fond of the first photo and read your explanation of it being Saturn. Should we get to Croatia again Zagreb must be on the list to visit!


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  6. How could I possibly not like your entry? I truly admire your ability to “see” with the third eye, depicting complexity with utmost sophistication and presenting them in simple images, full of beauty.
    PS. I should have thought a little harder for my entry…


    • You are kind, Lucile. Tobias’s challenge was a real challenge for me. It’s the first time that I tried to produce something with no perspective πŸ™‚ Would you be interested in hosting a B&W photo challenge (Sunday) in August or some other month in the second half of the year?


      • You did very well despite the challenging time.
        Wow, I’m humbled by your invitation.
        You have such high quality people and professionals, as guest posts. I’m just an amateur that love portraits and street photography that tell stories.
        If you want to go out of the box, I’d be honored to do so. We can talk about that after your vacations.
        Thank you.


        • Of course I want to go out of the box, and I respect and admire your work and most importantly, I think that you can offer a lot to the audience here. As for other guest bloggers here: they are an eclectic mix – some of them are not even amateur photographers – just happy snappers which you will see :D. Now, I hope you won’t mind being in this mixed (up) company. And thank you, Lucile. P.S. I had a lot of time to prepare for the perspective/anti-perspective challenge. On this link I publish all themes well in advance so that everybody interested can prepare for it. πŸ™‚


          • Thanks again for the trust. Your words mean a lot.
            I’m super happy to be part of it.
            I read the themes there. I see there is an opening for BW in August.
            I could take it.
            Then I should choose a theme from the list above it, right?


    • Thanks a lot, Colline. We have something very special in Zagreb. A group of artists or scientists have installed the entire solar system with all planets made to scale and distances from one another. I will track all the “planets” down and make a post about it.


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