Forces of Nature: Lightning





Not exactly from my corner of the world, but some hundred miles away. A lightning captured from our rented balcony on Lake Orta. Inspired by this week’s photo challenge: forces of nature.


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110 thoughts on “Forces of Nature: Lightning

  1. Excellent. Je n’ai jamais réussi à photographier un éclair. Je crois que je n’avais jamais de caméra à la main.


  2. Your lightning is quite spectacular, and as always your photo is beautifully composed – the diagonal of the forested hill; the layering of the lake, the mountains and the sky; and the forks of lightning heading off to connect with the trees.

    I have a photo in my stair well at home of lightning over Baranguba, a gift from my son. Not something i’ve ever photographed myself. My forces of nature at the moment are a pair of twins and their parents!


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    • The key is to keep calm. When I was little I was afraid of lightening, now not so much :D. I was in a rented house with a covered balcony and placed a tripod on it. I was shooting before the storm came and just changed settings to capture lightening. It was shot with an extreme wide angle lens and I had to crop it. Thank you for the compliment Leya.


      • I understand about not being afraid. When I was a child and there was a storm I opened the door just as the lightning hit the apple tree outside in the garden. i will never forget that, and i still cannot stop being nervous and frightened …so I will enjoy your photo instead.


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  5. Brilliant capture. We don’t get many thunder storms where I live. But when I lived in Austria we got them just about every day in the mountains. I could never get a good capture like this.


  6. I don’t have any lightening shots either 😦 This is superb. I had Lake Orta recommended to me many years ago, but sadly….
    Driving back from Belchatow we passed through absolutely torrential rain, thunder and lightning. Maybe if I’d opened the window I might have got a shot, but we’d all have got drowned 🙂


      • I spotted that surplus ‘e’ yesterday, and thought that I’d taken it out 😦 Never mind- the skies could do with some ‘lightening’ here today. It’s rather grey 🙂 Happy weekend! Tell me again your itinerary?


        • I knew that your subconscious was acting out :). Lisboa -12 May. Plan to see, G. willing Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Cascais, Nazare, Obidos, Evora, then a bit south -Cabo Sardao- we’ll see. Return -19 May early in the morning. I don’t have to see a lot; we just want to have a good time and leave with good impressions.


        • Fabulous! Sorry, I was just publishing 6WS. I remembered Sintra after I asked the question. Are you spending a night there? It’s well worth it. Cascais I haven’t yet managed myself. Obidos… very fond memories. Have a super time 🙂


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    • Thank you very much Sue. I know you appreciate good photography 🙂 It felt very special being there on the most picturesque idyllic little lake, the last place where you would expect a storm coming, and then it came with thunders, bolts and everything, and the next day the nature was even greener than usual 🙂

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