Changing Seasons 05

For the fifth month in a row I have the pleasure of participating in the photo challenge run by Cardinal Guzman. He suggested we should go to the same location every month this year and capture all the seasonal changes. When I agreed to participate I had no idea how much I would enjoy going to this park over and over again. I give you Maksimir – Zagreb – TAKE 5.


Β For a more authentic experience of this park and old Zagreb, please click on the player button:



40 thoughts on “Changing Seasons 05

  1. Is it really five months? My seasons have been so skewiff – winter in Warsaw, tropical Cairns, autumn in Potato Point and now Warsaw spring – I’ve totally lost track of time. But I love the way you follow the seasons in Zagreb. It proves normal continuity, and your photos are wonderful. That lion must be very content – or is he missing savanna? All that green, and reflections and I can’t be terminally envious because I’m in Warsaw in the spring.


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  3. When Cardinal first suggested this series I thought to myself ‘how boring!’ That’s me- ever the visionary and so often wrong. πŸ™‚ Thanks for helping to prove a point, Paula.


  4. Paula, I always forget I cannot “like” ’em, but I do like ’em. With the locations you pick, one can really see the seasons change. I should have decided for a park too, but I am still counting on the changing light (I always photograph around the same hour for the Changing Seasons Challenge unless otherwise noted). See you around. Cheers!


  5. Love the turtle too — what a beautiful spot, and great images. I’ve finally figured out how to add music to my post, even just a tiny bugle call file πŸ™‚


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