Black & White Sunday: Macro

Macro photography is not everyone’s favourite type of photography, but it is a very broad genre that has always fascinated me. The theme for this Black & White Sunday is not very specific. I only ask that you get close, very close to the subject of your photograph and you are bound to see things that your naked eye has not perceived. Take a photo and make it black and white and link to this post. The deadline is next Saturday.



Wishing you all a peaceful and productive Sunday!




Check out the entries for this event by clicking the titles bellow:


The Kiss – Up Close and Personal

Macro by Sonya

Macro by Klara

GBH at the Waterfall

Rusty and crusty

Side Door, Iglesia de la Merced, Quito



Pushing Daisies


83 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Macro

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  2. I really like using Macro but am spud useless at the ‘refinements’. I wouldn’t have thought to apply it to black and white, Paula, but it works well here in making interesting shadows within the pipes. Nice chilled Sunday music too. Have a good one πŸ™‚


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  4. I do like this photo Paula. Taken as a macro, it highlights the geometry of the pipes beautifully. As well as showing us small details, it’s a great way of getting us to focus on what you want us to see.
    I don’t do much macro. The intention is there – I often pack my macro lens – but then the day runs away with me! Maybe I should try a day with only my macro lens! That would be an interesting exercise.
    Here is my offering for today:


    • That would be a solution – to go for a walk only with a macro lens :). Thank you for commenting, Debbie and for showing me more of Barcelona’s treasures. I like it!


  5. Paula, very striking, your straws (yes, I cheated and read some of the other comments first, I would not have guessed they are not pipes). I think that pattern done in sepia would make a great fabric design! Best, Babsje


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  7. Wonderful picture. The closer you get, the more abstract the picture is. Without a wider context, it could be straws, or pipes, or some other tube, but I love the pattern. I’ll publish my entry tomorrow morning. I’ve reached my post limit for the day πŸ™‚ Thanks for being such a gracious host.

    I’m still making friends with my macro lens and I’m sure there will be much more adventurous stuff to come as I explore the possibilities.


    • Thank you for this kind comment Marilyn. I will be happy to see your macro shot which I know will be a stunner. These are drinking straws. I have macro lens for three years now, and I only use it occasionally, but when I do it is with a lot of love πŸ˜€ Talk soon dear lady.


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  12. These look good in B&W too. I’ll see if I can come up with something before next Sunday, but I have lots of stuff to edit and go through from the weekend, so I won’t make any promises. I hop that you had a great weekend too. Mine was definitely memorable !!


    • Hi Max, my weekend was pretty quiet due to tremendous heat, but the week was great with a memorable concert. Next weekend we have a holiday so we’ll go to the mountains for three days – not as high as the Alps but still beautiful. I can hardly wait. I’ll stop by tonight after gym to see what you have been up to πŸ˜‰


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