Sing me a lullaby

I’m not walking today, I am sleeping; but if you feel like walking I suggest you join Jo who is heading to the city of Norwich today.

The following photo shows a sculpture that I discovered while walking the streets of Bologna.


Nudo dormiente by Sergio Unia





36 thoughts on “Sing me a lullaby

  1. Ola, minha querida amiga Paula. I hear you are unwell and didn’t even travel over the weekend.
    I hope you get well soon.
    Abraços com carinho.
    And I cannot forget to say that I liked your clever entry to Jo’s walk. Beautiful sculpture and music.

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  2. Unexpected and unknown to me ( never seen in Bologna!) thanks for this beautiful gift…
    I learn you haven’t been well , Paula …..
    So sorry, hope you are better , now!


  3. Interesting pose, Paula. The foetal position can be associated with trauma and/or safety. I’d be interested in the name of the statue if you can remember it. Hopefully she is just sleeping snugly.


      • thank you for not only inviting me – but then making it so smooth during my blog issues. lol – thanks so much and yes – I did see the post and woo hoo – be dropping by soon. xxoo and things are going good – more later


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