Guest Photo Challenge: Gold Inside



This challenge is all about the search for ´gold´ inside, my focus will be on natural light in interiors.

My interest in photos of decay and abandoned places made me wonder why nowadays photographers often use HDR (High Dynamic Range) software to handle the extreme contrast between dark interiors and light coming from outside. In my opinion where possible the results of natural light coming from outside is much more effective.

These 3 examples of my photos were all taken around the golden hour (roughly the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset) , when the outside light is soft enough to accentuate the colors inside and don´t need any adjustments afterwards.
The key for me was visiting these places close to my house(s) in Spain a couple of times and see how the different hours of day enlightened the place.  That was never a burden as I am intrigued by the history of these houses and the landscapes surrounding these abandoned villages. By spending time there and fantasizing about the people that lived there it made me aware of all the angles and details.

Of course the golden light of early morning and sunset were bringing out the best in them.

Thanks Paula for giving me a chance at these challenges and hope you find some ´Gold Inside´ anywhere for this challenge.


End of Symmetry

 End of Symmetry


Mr Orange and Mr Blue

Mr Orange and Mr Blue


Waiting Room

Waiting Room


Contributions to this challenge are:

65 thoughts on “Guest Photo Challenge: Gold Inside

  1. These photos are stunning, Ron, and very painterly. I love the title you’ve given your post too. I’ll be checking out your blog for ongoing delights.

    Thank you Paula, for enabling this pleasure. I hope your holiday was restful and superb.


  2. Excellent invite Paula! Ron is one of the best Urbex photographers ever! His use of colour, dimensional depth, detail exploitation and shadow — all without HDR, is impeccable. He’s well rounded in other photography respects, and I love his blog El Bueno, El Feyo y El Malo.

    He has the golden touch!


  3. I love the golden hours as well but tend to shot nature and such during that time. I do not know if I will have time to get some shots for this challenge but your work has me wanting to try inside shots during the golden hour. Great stuff!


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  5. Paula was right! Your photos are wonderful 🙂 I had already written my post before I saw this because I thought it was an unthemed week. Paula gave me a ‘nudge’ about the brilliant photos and topic and I find that some of my photos might! 🙂 just be relevant to the challenge. I’m not a photographer. More of a ‘mood’ person, who loves old houses. Thank you for sharing this. It’s beautiful


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      • The wattle makes it look that way I think. Mostly its rainy, windy and around 12C. I will be glad when we see more of the sun. Your summer sounds rather cold. I hope you get warmer weather in August.


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  10. Wonderful idea for the challenge, and I loooove your photographs! The second is great for the direction of the light, and the last for the subject matter!


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  12. What great inspirational photos Ron. The stair image is my favourite with the peep through to that golden orange light illuminating the room at the top of the stairs. I have photos taken in the golden hour, but they are all outside ones, so you have given me a challenge to try. But in the meantime I have come up with a slightly (actually more than slightly) different take on the theme.


    • Thanks very much, thats very kind of you to say! I was lucky with the last photo that above the golden streak on the wall there was a hole in the roof that illuminated the scene even more from a different angle 😉
      I really like your take on Gold inside, very well chosen and captured!
      Greetz, Ron.

      Liked by 1 person

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  14. Hard to choose as they are all wonderful images. I like the first for the light squeezing its way through the gaps, the second for the colours and the third because it looks like a painting. Thanks to Paula for drawing my attention to your work.


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  17. Magnificent – the golden hour light is certainly golden. All three of these are intriguing and gets you thinking about what is behind…or what is around the corner. I love especially the middle one, with the steps in focus and the hint of room and light to the left.


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