Thursday’s Special: Time (response to guest challenge)

One of the three sundials in Zagreb can be found in the oldest street in the city, Tkalčićeva. It’s summer, early in the morning, a week day, and many of the residents have fled the town to enjoy their holidays at the coast.

The place looks still and strangely empty, as if frozen in time.



 (click on the image to zoom in)

This is my response to Debbie’s guest challenge time. Check out her post and join us this Thursday with your interpretations of the theme. Your links are eagerly awaited; link here and to Debbie’s guest post.






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70 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Time (response to guest challenge)

    • 🙂 Thank you kindly Meg. The figure you mentioned (I guess you were referring to a female figure) is a bronze statue of a famous writer from Zagreb from some past times.


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  2. Another aspect that strikes me about this image is that it’s got the air of a parallel universe – yet another take on time. The way you’ve composed it invites the viewer to step into the path as if through some portal, rather like Alice going through the mirror into Looking Glass Land. Very very intriguing, Paula.


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  8. Really fantastic photo for time challenge.
    So many time layers in one picture.
    It looks and feels like early color postcards.
    Sundial hiding in plain sight and telling the current time.
    Statue depicting someone from the past.
    Path leading to modern men’s favorite pass time (sitting in the pub)
    I guess that this is one of timeless streets that looked pretty much the same 100 years ago so to conclude Time Time Time.


  9. Gorgeous colours and a very nice composition, Paula. I like how the trees frame the image. The bars on either side of the pathway act as leading lines, guiding the viewer’s eyes right through to the sculpture.


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