Thursday’s Special: In the background

When thinking of a subject matter for your photo, you shouldn’t forget the background; after all it takes the better half of a photo. If messy, the background will be distracting and pull the viewer’s eye away from the subject of the photo. It can be either complementary to the subject or an integral part of it, or it can even make aΒ Β statement. Whatever your approach, I look forward to seeing your results. Please, leave links to your responses to this challenge. Happy Thursday!





For upcoming events and guest photo challenges please consult Scheduled challenges page.




Now, you must click on the titles bellow. They will take you to the contributing blogs that you absolutely must visit:

In the background by Marie

Selfie with Tom, and a woman passing all in rose

Live and Let’s Play – Drake Style

Konig Laurin by Traudel

Ocean as my background by Sylvia

On Zanzibar Farms by Tish

In the background by the Jagged Man

In the background by Patricia

In the background by Sonya

Background by Klara

In the background on Lecco LakeΒ 

51 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: In the background

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  2. Agree totally. One often forgets the background. Or the foreground: typical party picture with glasses and bottles in the foreground. πŸ™‚
    Love your composition. Everything in its place.


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