Thursday’s Special: Organised Noise

Tobias M. Shiel today’s guest and photo challenger at Lost in Translation invited us to apply the concept of organised noise to photography.

In his inspiring post, Tobias elaborates the idea and gives us some very useful pointers as to how to approach this theme.

Here is my response:

organised noise-1_potpis_manja





Please join Tobias with this challenging theme and leave links and tags #Guestchallenge, #ThursdaysSpecial, #organised noise.


Please have a look at the entries of the participating bloggers by clicking on the titles bellow:


Silent Building?


Organized noise by Tish

Organized noise by Klara

Organized noise by Lynne

Xcaret Eco-Archaeological Park Mexico

Organized noise by Pommepal

Organized noise by Sanfermo

January Snow and Pathways


48 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Organised Noise

  1. I’m so glad you’re back. I was just beginning to feel anxious about you.

    This one is indeed a challenging challenge, and I haven’t got my head around it yet. I love your photo, complete with rough edges and spiderwebs, and a glimmer of understanding comes as I look at it.

    A strange synchronicity with this topic, or at least I tentatively think so. I’ve been listening to soundscapes: raindrops on telegraph wires, the sounds of an electric fence in Estonia and the songs of bridges. I’m not sure yet what I make of them either.


    • Thank you very much for this comment, Meg. I thought I had already replied to you, but Jo’s answer confused me. It’s always interesting to hear what you have to say.


  2. Coucou Paula, comment vas-tu ?
    Je trouve ton idée super pour cette photo, ça me fait penser aux petits abris “hôtels pour abeilles” qu’on entend bourdonner en été…
    Bisous !


    • Thanks Debbie. I will go away tomorrow morning cause I need a break. I’ll tell you where I go later – don’t want to jinx it and plus I will be back Sunday night. In my scheduled post for this Saturday I am explaining what this month has been like for me. I am not sure how I will walk or use my camera cause my physical state is so much worse than at the end of November. Thank you for coming to greet me darling.


    • 🙂 It is always nice to read you Ron. It has been a very difficult month for me and my health has paid the price. I wrote something about it for Saturday. Still I am taking a big chance by going away for a weekend tomorrow – I need a mental break too. Hopefully, I will start mending the upcoming month.


    • Thank you so much, Tobias, for everything. WordPress community should use more thinkers like you. I would like us to continue our cooperation cause nobody here made me think like you. I hope that at least a couple of other blogs find your challenges equally stimulating. If you have ideas for B&W some time during this year, and want to repeat this experience please let me know. For now I will let comments be published immidiately so that you can see people’s reactions and also I am going away tomorrow morning for a weekend, but there will be a post on Saturday (for those who are interested to know why I was absent). Again, I am so very thankful for your patience and your irreplaceable input here.


      • Thank you, Paula, you’re so kind! I very much enjoy doing this and joining the discussions your challenges entail. So I’ll be more than happy to come up with something for a b&w challenge. It is a great pleasure!


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  5. Lovely to have you back Paula I do hope your weekend break helps. What a very thought provoking challenge from Tobias this week. I’ve looked at the other contributions and yours to get some input. I like your interpretation, very organised and yet I can imagine noise of the rustle of dry bamboo. Now I must put my thinking cap on. I’ll be back later.


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