Black & White Sunday: Light


While I was listening to a recording of Keith Jarrett’s Bridge of Light for Viola and Orchestra, a beautiful contemporary classic 17 minutes piece, I felt like the only audience in a private concerto.

The image surfaced in my mind of a small, beautifully lit bridge as the tones of the masterfully played viola took me back to the summer I first visited Vicenza.


bridge of light_b&w_small-1

Note on etymology: 
The etymology of the word concerto “is uncertain, but it seems to have originated from the conjunction of the two Latin words conserere (meaning to tie, to join, to weave) and certamen (competition, fight): the idea is that the two parts in a concerto, the soloist and the orchestra or concert band, alternate episodes of opposition, cooperation, and independence in the creation of the music flow.” (source Wikipedia)

This is Black & White Sunday photo challenge with the theme “light”. If you decide to join in, make sure to leave your pingbacks and links in the comment section. Slideshows with the compiled photos from participating bloggers can be seen here. Please, check out the list of forthcoming events and challenges on Scheduled challenges page.




Look at the cool entries from the participants:

62 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Light

  1. This is just lovely, Paula. Elegaic with the choice of music, but many other possible interpretations too. Keith Jarrett is hugely popular in the Farrell establishment, although mostly for his jazz works. Thank you for this intro to his classical work. Been struggling with birthday gift ideas for OH. Brilliant on all fronts then – your light bridging the darkness 🙂


  2. First can I just say what a fabulous body of work your Scheduled Challenges page represents, Paula! It’s a privilege to be included. I still have many posts to visit, but I’ll get there. Thank you so much. Sunday hugs!
    And now to this tranquil beauty. 🙂 The music marries with the image to sooth the soul. Wishing you peace, Paula.


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