February – Gong Xi Fa Cai

For many, February is a brutal month, with winter at its worse, flu season at peak, and the sky looking as if it will never get blue again, but it is also when the Chinese celebrate the New Year, and this year they decided to do it in Zagreb.



Festively dressed Qin Shi Huang warriors (already wrapped for the trip back home) defending the main square in Zagreb

(please click on the photo to see the full size image)

In his monthly photo challenge Cardinal Guzman allows two options and one of them allows posting of a single photo representative of the month you are posting in, so here it is my take on February 2016.




50 thoughts on “February – Gong Xi Fa Cai

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  2. I really enjoyed seeing the sculptures covered too -before I read the post I just soaked up the image. Then – reading about how you described the different takes on February was nice – it “can” be brutal – even though thankfully it was mild for us this year here in Virginia.


  3. What a totally cool, in the moment photo. Perfect representation on February. I love the warriors but the fact that they are wrapped to be put away until next year is just fabulous. And what a backdrop.


    • Definitely not an every day sight :D. The music is a song usually played at Chinese New Year Celebrations. The title is a common way of wishing a happy New Year in Chinese, but it is mostly about wealth. 🙂 I think it is a child voice that sings it.

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